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Q: Tell us about the business behind Allure Web Solutions Ltd?

A: Allure Web Solutions Ltd was established back on 12th January 2012.
The goal of the company was to provide a complete and professional end to end web solution for small to medium business with good customer service. In doing so we found these services were also appropriate for individuals looking in starting up their own business.

Q: Please give us a short summary of your website?

A: The website highlights the ethos of the company; it provides a detailed account of the services provided by Allure Web Solutions Ltd to assist our clients; it shows some of the recent work completed for their clients as well as our contact details.

The services we provide are:


From concept through to implementation Allure Web Solutions Ltd will be able to assist you and suggest the best methods for you to achieving your goal.

Web Design

From having initial discussions a requirements list which will provide the basis for the functional spec, these designs will be developed into an initial design. Upon acceptance the full working website will be developed and tested. Once you are happy with the website at this point the website will be made live.

Web development

Allure Web Solutions Ltd is able to develop large projects. This will be completed in a phased approach with agreed milestones to sign off. We write up the specs and help to organize the functional requirements - then build, integrate, complete, test, install and deliver every project.

Web hosting

- Hosting is provided by our sister company
They have Data centres in UK, USA and in Australia. So you can choose which data centre to have your plan hosted from. It is always advisable to choose a data centre close to where your business is based as the search engines will reduce your page rank if you decide to host outside the country of where your business is registered.

Allure Hosting provides quality web hosting / domain name registration with a variety of plans to suit everyone from individuals through to large enterprises. Allure Hosting has a client base of over 25,000 clients.

Quality service and good customer support is key to their operations. They have a Guaranteed 99.9% uptime and provide Shared hosting, OpenVZ VPS, Viruozzo VPS, Semi dedicated and dedicated servers.

Image and Logo creation

– If you require either images or Logos to be created, we are able to create or source them for you.

Marketing / SEO

– Just creating a new fresh website will not bring you 1000s of clients.

There are 2 ways for this on page SEO and off Page SEO

On-Page SEO

Requires your website to be optimised for the products or services you provide within your business. For starters, you need to ensure you have a good title on every page,

With reference to the meta data, some people believe it is not necessary for you to have any meta data on your page, personally I don’t believe this is the case. Even though Google commands 80% of all searches and when meta data is not provided Google will add when it believes to be the most appropriate meta tags for your site. This may not be the appropriate for your website. In addition, the other search engines as well as some of the social media sites do tend to use them. For this reason, it is better to have the meta data are important and should always be supplied.

So for each product or service you will need a separate landing page. You also have to check out the Keyword density of the page. Make sure the keywords relating to the product / service associated with the page and the non-relevant keywords are removed but the text still remains natural.

Off-Page SEO

requires getting one way links which you can see as votes from other websites those that are considered to be of authority. There are a number of different ways in getting this. Some of these are by submitting your site to different search engines, directories, niche directories, etc.


One of the best ways to get links back to your website is by creating articles and then submitting it to good article directories. You need to ensure your article is unique otherwise it will not be accepted.

Create a podcast for your services and products

You can look at link exchange with your competitors and also consider investing in a link exchange program with popular blogs

Blogging is also a popular method to promote your business and it is free if you create it on platforms such as Blogger, WordPress and MySpace.

You can create a post about your products. You should at least post a blog once a week and include links to your product pages.

Keywords should be in your title of your blogs, and submit the blogs to Icerocket and Weblogalot to let the search engines aware of your blog as well as submit to blog directories such as Kmax (does not seem to be available anymore), We Blog a Lot and Weblog Directory.

Look at offering options for social bookmarking and RSS on your blog like Google Plus, StumbleUpon and

Create a newsletter for your business, and also consider produce press releases, partake in know-how sharing and take part in discussion groups

Website Maintenance

provides a service to support businesses with their websites.
There are 4 different maintenance plans to suit your particular web maintenance requirements

Business Printing

Allure Web Solutions ltd, prints client’s business fliers, brochures, business cards, exhibition marketing, letterheads, leaflets, compliments slip and much more that are essential for promoting the business.

Q: What method has been most successful for promoting your website?

A: So far the most successful method of promoting has been through word of mouth as well as through network of friends and acquaintances.
I have found so far Allure Hosting has been a bolt on service from creating a website for them.

Q: Do you hire SEO services and how has it worked for you?

A: Fortunately no, I have trained as an Advanced SEO Specialist and have experience in completing this for major large clients and I am using my knowledge and experience as well as trainin myself along the way.
As it is still early days, the techniques I use on my websites will be its own selling points for future clients when they come to me for Web Marketing / SEO and Social media.

Q: Do you use Social Media and how?

A: Yes I am using social media.
Currently, I am using Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, MetacafeYouTubeVimeo, Tumblr and Google Plus.

Allure Web Solutions ltd has created a pages on FaceBook, LinkedIn and GooglePlus to promote both of these websites. and

I update recent events on a regular period for these social media sites so not to lose interest from those who are following and to also try and increase the followers.
I have not completed any form of ad campaign as yet as I need to accumulate additional funds before doing so.

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