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Millions hit as Facebook goes Down for 3 hours - 22/10/2013

FACEBOOK users were unable to update their pages yesterday because of a technical glitch.
Some were greeted with an error message that read: "There was a problem updating your status, please try again in a few minutes."
The outage - caused by network maintenance - lasted 3 hours....

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Allure Web Solutions Ltd: Providing Web Solutions for Optimum Profitability Online - 15/05/2013

Are you looking for an internet service provider that could save you a lot when it comes to promoting your business over the web effectively? Allure Web Solutions Ltd. now provides customers with high quality, yet affordable web services for their business profitability over the internet.

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Allure Web Solutions LogoMessage relating to the recent global attacts on WordPress websites from - 14/04/2013

This is to notify you that there is an on-going and highly-distributed, global attack on WordPress installations across virtually every web host in existence.

This attack is well organized and again very, very distributed; we have seen over 90,000 IP addresses involved in this attack.

At this moment, we highly recommend you log into any WordPress installation you have and change the password to something that meets the security requirements specified on the WordPress website. These requirements are fairly typical of a secure password: upper and lowercase letters, at least eight characters long, and including "special characters" like (^%$#&@*).

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Q: Tell us about the business behind the website
A: Allure Web Solutions ltd was established back on 12th January 2012.
The goal of the company was to provide a complete and professional end to end web solution for small to medium business with good customer service. In doing so we found these services were also appropriate for individuals looking in starting up their own business.

Q: Please give us a short summary of your website?
A: The website highlights the ethos of the company; it provides a detailed account of the services provided by Allure Web Solutions to assist our clients; it shows some of the recent work completed for their clients as well as our contact details.

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